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More information on the show

# The dryers have been replaced by three rotisserie chicken roasters which are as tall as Alex's stacks of H&K amplifiers, and are believed to say "Hen House" across the front of them.
# The opening video begins with a dream sequence with the Alex and Neil, reminiscent of the Jerry Stiller video from R30: Alex wakes up and taps someone sleeping beside him. Neil rolls over, and they both look at each other and yell 'AHHHHHHHHHHH", then after an animated sequence, Alex wakes up and says something to the affect of "What did they do to my food?" then cuts to Geddy who is sitting in a chair approached by an old man in a Scottish kilt who speaks with a Scottish accent who tells Geddy he doesn't care how he is feeling, that the show must go on etc, and threatens him with humorous threats IF he doesn't get up and go do the show to which they all ran out. The guy in the Scottish costume is actually Geddy, dressed in make up and wig.
# At the end of the show, another video of Scottish Geddy plays, where he tells people to go home because he wants to get back to eating his chicken.
# The video intro for the second set is all Alex in rare, comical form, playing several characters on the Snakes and Arrows Leela board. The board shifts around the screen and highlights certain lines to which Alex pops up and executes typical Alex rants.
# There is a video of Bob & Doug McKenzie to introduce The Larger Bowl.
# The Larger Bowl had video snippets showing alternating images between the rich and the poor, etc. Towards the end you see iron gates on 2 screens, but as they focus in on the buildings behind them you see that one is a mansion and the other is a prison.
# Workin' Them Angels had a video accompaniment similar to the album art of various types of workers and soldiers with angel wings.
# There is a South Park video intro to Tom Sawyer; during the video, the South Park characters begin playing Tom Sawyer but Cartman sings the wrong lyrics, "I traveled down the river with a black guy", which leads to an argument about the lyrics revolving around one of them saying that he's actually read the book and that's how the story goes, but the other quickly corrects him saying "that was Huckleberry Finn". Cartman then says "I'm Geddy LEE and I can sing it however I want". They then agree to start again to "get it right" and count off the beginning where Rush takes over and plays.
# During "A Passage To Bangkok", a video plays showing footage of far east trains, poppy fields, marijuana plants and many other scenes that relate to the song lyrics.
# Alex plays a mandola mounted on an Omega stand during "Workin' Them Angels"
# "Digital Man" may have been abbreviated, missing the first "He's got a force field" lyric.

Based on opening night only...the setlist for this tour is quite a bit more varied than recent tours; 9 of the 13 tracks from the new album are played live (performing this many songs in support of a new album has not been done since the Power Windows tour!), and for the first time ever, "Entre Nous" is played live. In addition, many songs are back after a long rest ("Circumstances" [tuned down a full step], not heard since the Hemispheres tour; "Digital Man" [with a new arrangement, possibly abbreviated] since the Grace Under Pressure warm-up tour, "Witch Hunt" since the Power Windows tour, and "Mission" since the Presto tour). This is only the second tour to not include either "2112" or "La Villa Strangiato" in the setlist (the other time was the Counterparts tour), and it is also worthy to note that "Roll The Bones" is dropped for the first time ever. Keeping score on the songs played: only 5 songs are played from albums released between Moving Pictures and Vapor Trails (only 1 is from the 90's), and not including the drum solo, of the 27 songs played, 17 are from PeW, MP or S&A; that is roughly 2/3 of the concert.

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