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Rush Instrumental Song List

I would live to have a disc of this lineup, or a playlist for my iPod. Sadly, I don't own all of these songs.
Let me know if I forget something:

2112 Overture (2112)
Grand Finale of 2112 (2112)
La Villa Strangiato (Hemispheres)
YYZ (Moving Pictures)
Where's My Thing? (Roll The Bones)
Leave That Thing Alone (Counterparts)
Limbo (Test For Echo)
The Main Monkey Business (Snakes & Arrows)
Hope (Snakes & Arrows)
Malignant Narcissism (Snakes & Arrows)
Broon's Bane (Exit Stage Left live) ? is this right?
R30 Overture (R30 live)

I'm sorry, but I can live without the drum solo's.

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