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Rush Live In Scranton, PA 6/29/07

A little late, but here is my review of Rush in Scranton. I’m not going to go into great detail on every song, but cover the highlights/lowlights.
First of all, our seats Rocked, they were 3rd row, directly in front of Lerxst. We had a great view of everything, but it took Geddy until the very last song to cross to our side of the stage. Come on Dirk, share the love!
I also agree with Tim, that the R30 Overture would really satisfy a lot of people, while not forcing them to play full songs of material they would prefer to not play.
Like everyone else in the world, I feel that this wasn’t MY perfect set list, but of course, that is impossible for all. I think that some songs are getting tired, or could have been replaced with better songs from the same album/era. This is a minor criticism, as the show was really very excellent!
Geddy’s voice was a little rough in parts, maybe because of the outdoor cool temperature?
Possibly, Geddy’s vocal parts and his strong desire to NOT play keyboards anymore drive the choice of songs as much as anything else.
I would like to mention that it is the first time that they have not played some part of 2112, or anything from Farewell To Kings since these two albums have come out. I missed hearing the overture, and Xanadu. Thankfully, they (possibly for the first time) did not play Working Man.

Set One
Introduction Video - Dream Sequence with Alex and Neil
Funny and not too long, Geddy as “Harry Satchel” is a riot!

Limelight: Slightly rough beginning but otherwise good.
Digital Man: Good
Entre Nous: Pretty cool to hear this song which has NEVER been played live before! Geddy screwed up the lyrics once (even with the prompters!) by repeating one line twice. But it was satisfying to hear this classic.
Mission: Very good- Tim was exceptionally excited.
Freewill: Good but tired (for me)
The Main Monkey Business: Came off really good live, great power. As Tim predicted, many of the live songs met their potential in the live arena. Rush is a live band at their essence, and sometimes it takes hearing the songs live to “get it” and feel their power.
The Larger Bowl: (with McKenzie Brothers introduction): How much more tired and dated could you get then Bob and Doug McKenzie (from SCTV), ugh, what a stale diversion. Plus, even live, I still don’t like this song. Plus the images were depressing! Tim pointed out that they were relevant and accurate, but too much of a downer for my expensive concert ticket! It was played really well, this is just my taste.
Secret Touch: Really good, Geddy has an awesome bass tone!
Circumstances: Even though they tuned down a whole step so Geddy could sing the high notes…he couldn’t. I wonder if he sometimes kicks himself for trying to sing as high as humanly possible in the early days! (Why not La Villa Stangiato?)
Between The Wheels: What an odd and random song choice from Grace Under Pressure! Why not Red Sector A (one of their most moving songs!), or Distant Early Warning?
Dreamline: Really great live. Lasers kicked in here as well.

Set Two
Introduction Video - The Alex/Leela Board Rant
There is no way to really describe this, but it was excellent! A Leela Board is a game board that the snakes and arrows cover is based on. Here is a link:
It is based in Hinduism, and let’s just say that Alex was hilarious. Really well done

Far Cry: Really, really great live! This is the definition of a live Rush song!
Workin' Them Angels: so good; and great video images. This song was very satisfying live.
Armor And Sword: Also good.
Spindrift: Powerful! This song really came alive on the stage, and I really got it!
The Way The Wind Blows : Good with thought provoking images.
Subdivisions: Always a classic crowd pleaser!
Natural Science: What can I say, one of my all-time favorite Rush songs, and it didn’t disappoint.
Witch Hunt: Another one of those songs that I question. Not a bad song, but moving pictures has Red Barchetta, (and I won’t even mention Camera Eye)
Malignant Narcissism: A great song, please make it longer!
Drum Solo: Great, as always; and blissfully, not too long.
Hope: OK song, Alex nailed it.
Summertime Blues: Someone please tell me why, out of all of the classic rock songs out there, Rush insists on playing this? Bathroom break song.
The Spirit of Radio: The classic live hit pleased the crowd.
Tom Sawyer (with South Park introduction): Tim and I both agreed that this song is tired. When the South Park intro is more entertaining than the song, the song should be sent to the showers. Alex played this very sloppily and seemingly without care.

One Little Victory: Another song from Vapor Trails, good, but why not Earthshine, or Ghost Rider? I would have liked one more—or another—song from this album.
A Passage to Bangkok: Pu-Lease!!! Don’t even get me started on this piece of crap! WHY?!?!?!?! With all of the great songs in their catalog, they finally give in to the lowest common denominator. Smoke rings did indeed fill the air. Yawn. Alex flubbed the "Asian" part.
YYZ: A brilliant ending to a brilliant show! 28 songs, but I will always take more! MORE!

The missing songs that would have made the concert perfect for me are:
2112 Overture, Xanadu, La Villa Stangiato, The Camera Eye, Red Barchetta, Red Sector A, and possibly one more Vapor Trails songs.

In short, Rush makes me happy.


"Different eyes see different things, different hearts beat on different strings"
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