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RUSH-Snakes And Arrows MVI

I played the MVI on my computer and was kind of luke warm on the overall package but the video documentary on the making of the album was awesome!
Below is the feedback that I sent to RUSH:

I registered for bonus materials, but what are they? There was nothing additional that was unlocked on the disc, and I was not taken to a site with bonus material, and no material or links were e-mailed to me.
I really enjoyed the documentary video (this was the best part for me), but there are no detailed video controls so there was no way to scroll backward or forward in the documentary. The user must watch the whole video from beginning to end. There is no "placeholder" to return to the video later. There is no time indicator for the video. There is a button to forward to the "next" video, but there is no next video. When I pushed the "escape" key on my computer to exit Full Screen Mode, I exited the whole disc and had to start the video from the beginning again! If I could control the fast forward, I could have easily returned to my previous place.

I guess I am a little confused as to what the added value is to justify the cost of this product. I cannot play surround sound audio, and everything else on the disc is already in the booklet or on the website. My mobile phone is not listed as an option to use the ringtones, and there is no indication of what "default" setting I might use.
It may have been my computer, but the disc froze up and I had to do a hard reboot of my computer.

The best feature for me was the video documentary, but for the cost I would like the benefit of being able to download it to my computer.
As I already own the CD version and I can't figure out what the "bonus material" might be or how to access it, I don't feel that this version of the album is a true value to me.

I will bring the disc to the next meeting so we can view the video.

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