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10 Worst Rush Songs

Granted, I do not know every RUSH song since I dislike some albums so much that I don't own them or haven't listened to them in years.
Another tricky aspect of this is that there are whole albums that are unlistenable for me.
To make my list the Music or lyrics must be horrendous, and if both are awful they are on the list.
That being said, here is my list, these songs are all indisputably bad.

In no particular order:

10. Dog Years. This is too easy; it's a DOG! bad music bad lyrics. Definitely one of the worst.

9. Working Man. I know that it was a "hit", but so was "2 Of Hearts" by Stacie Q! The lyrics are what dogs this song.

8. Red Lenses

7. Losing It (so gay)

6. Twilight Zone. Neil's Shame.

5. Scars/War Paint. It's A Tie!

4. Finding My Way. More bad Geddy Lyrics.

3. Rivendell (drip drip)

2. In The Mood. Aaagggghhhhh!

1. I Think I'm Going Bald. (OK maybe this is the worst)

Runner's Up:
You are probably saying ,"what? no Road To Bangkok?" Well it's true that I hate that song, but primarily because it is stupid and low brow. it would be #11.

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