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My Favorite RUSH Songs-A Baker's Dozen

In No Order:

1. The Camera Eye. The never played masterpiece.

2. Natural Science. Rush Perfection.

3. YYZ

4. La Villa Strangiato

5. Malignant Narcissism (So I like the instrumentals?)

6. Xanadu

7. 2112 Overture

8. Red Barchetta

9. Subdivisions. Perfect snapshot of suburban teenage ennui.

10. Red Sector A. (I prefer the live version)

11. I love about half of Vapor Trails.

12. Far Cry

13. Workin' Them Angels

Runner's Up:
Hemispheres. I love the music, hate the lyrics
R30 Overture. It's not really a song, but a medley. But it really, really rocks!
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